​​​The Delegate Cullison Scholarship is offered to Maryland District 19 residents who plan to pursue a postsecondary credential full-time or part-time at a two-year or a four-year college, university, or private career school located in the State of Maryland*. It does not renew automatically and must be applied for annually.

Out-Of State Exceptions

  • Award recipients may use this scholarship at an out-of-state school if your major is not available at any Maryland institution and if your legislator​ agrees. In order to verify your major as unique, you must complete and submit the 2024 Unique Major Application​ online application by the July 1, 2024 deadline.
  • Scholarships can be used at out-of-state institutions if the appli​cant is on active duty with the U.S Military and domiciled in the state.
  • The scholarship may be used out-of-state if the student is disabled and studying at an institution outside the state that makes special provisions for disabled students that are not available to the applicant at an institution in Maryland.​

Universities of Shady Grove Students

Universities of Shady Grove (USG) Students must apply directly through USG. Please call 301-738-6023 or email and inquire about application process and deadline.  

MHEC Requirements (For more information, click here)

  • Students must complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) OR the MHEC One App (formerly known as the Maryland State Financial Aid Application or MSFAA)
  • Students must attend/plan to attend a community college, 4-year college, or graduate school within Maryland, unless you qualify for one of the Out-of-State Exceptions (see above).

Delegate Cullison Requirements
(Questions? Email

  • Students must be residents of District 19. To find out if you live in District 19 check here. We do not award outside the district. 
  • Students must apply online by April 30. Awardees will be informed via email. Priority given to Montgomery College students, Undergraduate students, first time degree seekers, first-generation college students, and based on financial need according to your FAFSA/MHEC One App.

Other District 19 Legislative Scholarship Opportunities

You are also welcome and encouraged to reach out to your entire District 19 team; we each have our own deadlines and processes so inquire in other offices to learn those details:

Additional Resources:

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