To apply for Delegate Bonnie Cullison’s Scholarship, complete the FAFSA (or the MSFAA, and apply here* for the upcoming Fall-Spring Academic Year no later than June 1. You must also be a District 19 constituent to be eligible.

*USG Campus Students: If you are a student at the Universities of Shady Grove campus, you must directly apply through USG and not through our office (Please call 301-738-6023 or email I believe their priority deadline is June 30, but check with them.

Other District 19 Legislative Scholarship Opportunities: You are also welcome and encouraged to reach out to your entire District 19 team; we each have our own deadlines and processes so inquire in other offices to learn those details:

Senator Kramer:
Delegate Crutchfield:
Delegate Stewart:

We have also listed a few additional resources below.