Bonnie’s Priorities

Since Bonnie’s term began in January 2011, the Maryland General Assembly has passed landmark legislation in many areas, including affordable health care, greater accessibility to colleges and universities for all Maryland residents, transportation funding for new projects and to maintain the current infrastructure, civil marriage for same sex-couples, a plan for the largest wind farm on the east coast and the development of a plan to make medical marijuana available to our residents who are currently suffering with no relief. Bonnie has been a proud co-sponsor of these bills.

During these three years, Bonnie has served as a member of the House Health and Government Operations committee where she sponsored legislation designed to help enhance the quality of health care and educate consumers about the range of choice available to them.

Among the items of legislation of which Bonnie was the primary sponsor and achieved passage were bills that would:

*require hospitals to notify patients who stay overnight whether they are considered “in-patient” or “out-patient”—two categories which carry vastly different implications for billing and health coverage—helping consumers to be aware of what to look for in covering their medical expenses.

*update the licensing requirements for physicians in Maryland—bringing our laws into line with many other states and facilitating the hiring of good physicians from outside Maryland.

*require doctors to display their board certified credentials for any service they advertise to the public—helping to ensure that patients understand the type of care they are receiving while protecting doctors form unfair competition from those who have not received the same level of education.

In addition to these, Bonnie has also passed legislation which would ease the financial burdens on student teachers and raise awareness of human trafficking among teachers, parents, and school personnel.

Bonnie will continue to work with her fellow elected officials on the following priorities:

High Quality Education
Our state government must lead the way in developing policies and providing funding for our public schools so that every student is successful. I will work for educational policies that encourage and reward innovation and creativity, with accountability. Funding must also be provided for cutting-edge technology, professional development and small class sizes. Opportunities need to exist for adults who want to engage in life-long learning.

Supporting Small Business
Small businesses are the backbone of our community. They employ literally thousands of individuals in District 19. These businesses are hurting today because many can’t get loans or are burdened with excessive and repetitive reporting requirements. Bonnie is committed to helping small businesses gain access to needed financial resources and to create legislation to streamline reporting. This will provide the capital and the time for business development in order to grow and prosper.

A Safe and Secure Community
Everyone needs to feel safe and secure in our homes, neighborhoods and businesses. It is time to revisit the fundamental causes of crime and implement real solutions. In District 19 it is important that emergency personnel understand and appreciate our cultural diversity. Bonnie will work with law enforcement and non-profit providers to make our community safer for everyone.

The Environment and our Economy
One of Maryland’s long-term priorities is the environment. To further this cause there must be incentives to local businesses to use environmentally friendly practices. Maryland should also be attracting companies to our state that produce the products needed to protect the environment, such as solar panels, geothermal units and wind turbines.

Access to Affordable Health Care for Residents of Montgomery County
With the implementation of the Affordable Care Act, elected officials are responsible for monitoring and delivering on the services it promised at both the county and the state level. In addition, there must be sustainable opportunities for Marylanders with disabilities, including accessible housing, employment and long-term care when needed for a good quality of life.

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